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Terms of Use, environment and SNS policy
Terms and Condition of Use and Social Media Policy

Yokohama Triennale Organizing Committee (called "this committee meeting" as follows) runs Yokohama Triennale WEB site (called "our site" as follows). When our site is used, we would appreciate your understanding about the following points. In addition, we decide to publish revised edition of this document on this occasion as this committee meeting may change Terms of Use of our site. Therefore, we ask you to confirm the latest contents in the case of the use.

Terms of Use User Policy

1.About copyright

Copyright about information (text, plate, image, picture) published in our site and other rights belong to rightful claimant who recognized use in this committee meeting or our committee. These copyrights are protected by Copyright Act of each country, various treaties, other laws and use contents published in our site across range recognized by law including the personal use (they include reproduction, manipulation, distribution.) We cannot do.
In addition, all the copyrights about contents of E-mail which I sent to customer from this committee meeting belong to our committee, and conversion cannot reprint without permission.

2.About disclaimers

In this committee meeting, enough examination, confirmation works on placing information in our site, but do not guarantee accuracy of this information and integrity.
This committee meeting does not take any responsibility about all acts that user performs using information of this site. Website except our site linking in from our site or our site is managed in the responsibility of operator of each link site, and customer, please follow Terms of Use of each link site when these link sites are used.
In addition, our committee does not take responsibility about any damage that they produced by these use again about contents of link site.

In addition, we change contents without notice or may delete this site, but thank you for your understanding beforehand.

3.About the use of outside service

There are contents that used service that third party offers to let you display banner ad or SNS button about some contents in our site. Therefore information such as access log is saved to server of each service provider when we read page using them. About stored information and handling, please see privacy policy of each service.

The outside service that our committee uses

Use environment User Environment

In the use of our site, we will recommend the following environment. It is not available or we may not be displayed depending on setting of browser of customer definitely under the use except recommended environment and the recommended environment either. In addition, we may not work definitely when we install some software. Thank you for your understanding.

1.About recommended browser

Yokohama Triennale Organizing Committee WEB page

・More than Internet Explorer 7
・More than Firefox 19
・More than Google Chrome 25
・More than Safari 5
・More than Firefox 19
・More than Google Chrome 25

Yokohama Triennale 2020 special WEB page (https://www.yokohamatriennale.jp/2020/)
Yokohama Triennale supporter page (https://www.yokohamatriennale.jp/supporter/)

・More than Firefox 66
・More than Google Chrome 74
・More than Safari 12

2.About SSL

In some services, we use SSL coding communication (Secure Socket Layer) to improve security level in our site. When you use applicable service, it becomes necessary for browser of the use to support SSL. In addition, by setting such as fire walls, you may not use the page concerned.

3.Hit cookie (Cookies)

In our site, in the case of the use, we may send information called cookie to computer of the use in site, and the information is saved by hard disk of user or memory.
We use cookie for the purpose of offering better service and may not invade privacy of all of the use or the use environment.
You can stop function of cookie by all of the use changing setting, but please be careful as, in that case, some services may not be available.

4.About access log

In this site, we record information of reader in form called access log. Domain name and IP address of reader, type of browser using, the access date and time are included in access log, but access log is utilized for statistical analysis about maintenance management and the use situation of website and may not be used in other purpose.

5.About plug in

We prepare for contents using pictures to have you enjoy more comfortably in our site. Plug in software is necessary so that you see contents. When you see, please use the latest plug in software suitable for the use environment of customer.

■Condition necessary for reading
・When JavaScript function is invalidated by browser of errand, it does not function definitely or we may not be displayed definitely. When you look at, please validate JavaScript by browser setting.
・We build page in our site using technique of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). You validate CSS, and please use to display page definitely.
・When you see PDF data, viewers such as Adobe Reader are necessary.

Adobe Acrobat Reader downloading

6.About accessibility

We aim at production of website that adopts Web standard technique, and considered accessibility so that many people can use including person having technical environment and stigmata that our website varies comfortably more.

SNS policy SNS Policy

This committee meeting applies based on the following policy on social media administration.


This committee meeting by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram disseminate information.
Account name: @yokotori_
User name: @yokohama_triennale


It is timely and publicizes approach of Yokohama Triennale widely and provides opportunity to get close to art to many people and is intended that we get understanding for this activity.

3.Operational time

We decide to send irregularly.


We do not do principle reply (reply). Please inform of individual opinions, inquiries from inquiry form.

5.Stop, deletion of account

When offer of information becomes difficult, we stop our account or shall delete out of necessity.


We do not guarantee accuracy, integrity, usefulness of information in our SNS. Therefore, we do not take any responsibility about damage that user or third party took because we used information in our SNS.
This committee meeting does not take any responsibility about content that user posted.
Our committee does not take responsibility for all about the damage that user or third party put on by trouble between users whom we produced in conjunction with our SNS or trouble between user and third party.
About any damage that we produced by matter in conjunction with our SNS, we do not take any responsibility.

7.About the handling about personal information

About personal information that we acquired in our SNS, we handle based on privacy policy of Yokohama Triennale Organizing Committee appropriately.

8.About change of operational policy

We shall change this policy as needed and, in that case, publicize through homepages.