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Way of thinking (privacy policy) for personal information
Privacy Policy

Yokohama Triennale Organizing Committee personal information protection policy

All staff understands this purpose that Yokohama Triennale Organizing Committee (called "this committee meeting" as follows) establishes the following basic policies and manages all personal information that this committee meeting holds and observe.

1.Definition of personal information

This committee meeting defines all information that can distinguish individual as personal information.

2.About collection purpose and the use range of personal information and deletion, correction

When we collect personal information, we notify of collection purpose, usage and consultation desk beforehand and collect personal information as far as it is necessary. In addition, we use as far as we obtained consent in the case of collection in the use and do not use the purpose outside. In addition, when personal information of reader changes (e.g., address changes) or when deletion of personal information is hoped for, in this committee meeting, correction updates personal information provided by readers or reader will delete.
*When you correspond, please contact with inquiry form.

3.About collection of personal information by duties trust

When this committee meeting is given information processing duties with offer of personal information in trust, we set about secret maintenance about personal information, matter about reassignment, responsibility allotment at the time of accident, return of personal information in the end of the contract and removal and follow.

4.About disclosure of personal information

Personal information that had you provide will not provide to third party when we have agreement from reader and unless there are sufficient reasons such as fate of laws and ordinances. In addition, we perform imposition, the cause of fair management by contract not to perform leak of personal information or re-offer when we consign processing duties of personal information to third party. When you use form of email to this committee meeting or inquiry, depending on the contents, we may transfer to relations departments such as affiliated organizations of Yokohama-shi and Yokohama-shi by answer and contents.

5.About security measures

Our committee carries out security measures that are severe to protect from various threats for personal information that I took than readers and reviews system continuously and prevents unauthorized access, loss, misuse, destruction, leak, modification of information. On the other hand, through enlightenment activity to the staff, even human aspect tries for protection of privacy of reader.

6.About legal compliance and continuous improvement of personal information regime

We observe laws and ordinances, model applied about personal information to hold and review approach in each clause mentioned above appropriately and are improved. But we will disclose information depending on this when there is legal request from court, the police, consumers center or organization with authority according to these.